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Worst Foods For Fat Loss | Weight Loss Part VI

Worst Foods For Fat Loss

List of Top Ten Worst Foods for Fat Loss | Weight Loss Part VII

We received a great response to our previous article which was “List of scientifically proven fat burning food” where we discussed foods which in fact have the ability to burn fat. In today’s article, we prepping a list of top ten foods which could give you hard time losing weight. That is because there are super high in calorie, sugar or sodium content which one should avoid as much as possible if you are trying to losing weight. A high sodium content could make you feel bloated. Also, the key to fat loss is not only how heavy you can lift in the gym it is also about watching out for food which you are feeding to your body. So let’s go and check the list of top ten foods which you should completely avoid if you want to lose those extra pounds pretty quickly. 

Here we go,

1. Grapes

In our top ten list grapes are at number one. This little fruit here which is easy to eat and taste so well and no doubt they are healthy but you need to be watchful while eating them especially when you are trying to lose weight. You don’t have to avoid them completely a handful of grapes in your daily salad won’t hurt your fitness goal. 

2. Noodles

I know your inner college student soul must be cursing me but let me tell you if you could avoid this your body will thank you later. Especially when you are trying to lose weight this pit of sodium could mess up big time with your fitness goal. Now to attract many fitness concerned people and to include them in their consumer list Noodles Company have come up with new strategy i.e. in their label and packaging they have started using words like “multigrain” and have started selling them even on an increased price. With zero or very few nutritional values, these noodles are definitely a big no-no on weight loss. 

3. Doughnuts

This one here needs no introduction. These are made from refined flour and are super high in glycemic index causing a sudden blood sugar spike right after you eat them. Also, they are full of trans fats and lots of sugar which makes it one of the tastiest yet worst food for a person who wants to lose fat or weight. 

4. Ice Creams

With lots of sugar and super high in calories, it makes ice cream a bad choice if you are a person who wants to lose weight. Especially if you are a person who cannot control his/her will while eating, one scoop of ice cream also could be a problem as you might end up having it in excess which will delay your weight loss goal by months. 

5. Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is high in sodium content could make you feel bloated and you might struggle losing weight. In long run, one can get disappointed and may discontinue their fitness journey. Rather we would request you to avoid foods which have soy sauce in it. 

6. Multi-Grain Bread or Pasta

This name not necessarily means it’s a healthy option. Many Multi-grain pieces of bread have many such ingredients which could mess up with your weight loss goal. Most of them they have refined flour and many unwanted ingredients which are not good for our health. Instead of this look for whole grain bread. 

7. Ripe Pineapples 

Not only pineapples but mangoes also they are high in naturals sugars which if consumed in limited quantity won’t be a problem but if you have a weight loss goal you need to watch out for these fruits and avoid if possible. 

8. Cheese

If you are someone who wants to lose weight and you are monitoring your calories. In that scenario adding even a cube of cheese could take you from calorie deficit to calorie surplus. Cheese does have proteins in it but it is also super high in calories. Thus not recommended to have if you are trying to lose weight. 

9. Salad

Please don’t call me nuts. The salad which I am talking about here is the one which you order in your favorite restaurant. They have those fatty salad dressing which is high in sodium content and also in sugars. Try to have a homemade salad with low sodium salt. 

10. Flavored Yogurt. 

These are a new trend which people most often are including in their diet considering it to be one of the healthy options. Let me tell you these flavored yogurts are no less than a sneakers bar. Being rich in high sugar these flavored yogurts could become a problem for your weight loss goal. Instead, try to have plain Greek yogurt. 

While there are many out there and the list goes on which one should not have while trying to lose weight. These are certainly one of the best top ten lists of foods which many people tend to miss out on and they struggle with their weight loss goal. You should avoid these foods if possible if you are someone who is trying to lose weight and make your hard work count. Please share this article with your fitness buddies it might help them

Please share your concern and experiences below in the comment section. It motivates us. For now, Stay Healthy Stay Strong


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