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What will be the most important skills in 2020?

Most of the teaching skills at schools, colleges, and universities are similar or almost the same across many different countries. During this digital age, the same kind of skills won’t help get jobs, etc. The rate of expiry of skills that teach at colleges is speedy. One student learned a craft or subject two years ago might not guarantee a job when they come out of college campus, because that skill may not be in demand now. When millions of students learn the same thing, it means competing for similar jobs which are not needed by many employers.

most important skills

How to sustain professionally, beat the competition, and have a successful career?

One thing students remember about paid education is that your qualification or degree provides only limited knowledge and skills, which may work or not for your future job. Keep looking to enhance your experience and wisdom and develop unique skills. For example, we have seen COVID-19 pandemic in which the world is not reaching, or the scientists are not ready across the globe; definitely, there is a high demand for this kind of vaccine solutions for a current-generation or future generations. Your skill should be unique and fulfill the needs of society or employers. Not the other way.

Parents should encourage children about their interests and the skills they want to acquire and grow in life. Even schools, teachers play a lot of roles in molding a student’s future. The education should be practical, should teach not only about science and math but also life skills, soft skills like what is essential for one’s purpose and to achieve in life. The education system should change the way they teach. It should be run differently by governments, institutes, and for a substantial cause. The unique skills that you are good at will help you succeed in your professional career. So focus on that, don’t follow the crowd

Here are the top skills that would be valuable to anything you are doing, whether working for yourself or an organization. This topic has been discussed in detail by the World Economic Forum, as they have mentioned that we are on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  1. Sales - Everyone has something to sell, no matter who they are. A product, service, or even themselves in job interviews! Master this skill, and you will always find a job!

  2. Problem-solving - Every corporation, business, and the employer will face problems. If you can be the person that finds a solution to their puzzle, then your value will be priceless to that company! People do not pay to gain anything but to remove their problems!

  3. Communication - Communication is an essential skill for forming relationships and creating a mutual understanding, which is always needed!

  4. Positivity - Positive, happy people can work more effectively, make their surroundings more friendly, and infect others with that positivity, creating a wave of motivation that rushes through the entire company.

  5. Marketing - If no one knows about a product or a service, there is no chance anyone will buy it. Marketing will always be an in-demand skill just as sales.

  6. Self-management/awareness - Most people need a kick in the butt before they see their problems and focus on fixing them, often only resulting in them getting fired. Solving your issues as soon as they arise is just as important as being able to solve other problems, if not more so!

  7. Leadership - Leaders always get better-paying positions and are still needed. Try running a company without a good leader, and it will fail, but put a great leader in a small company, and even it will succeed!

  8. Fast Learning - The amount of information available multiplies every year to the point where what you learn today will be out of date within the next 800 days. Being able to keep up with this, learn fast, and continue learning is a required skill.

  9. Productivity - The average person gets less than 3 hours of work done for every 8 hours they are at work. That being said, if you can learn to work 4 or 5 hours out of every eight, you will have a near 150% increased productivity compared to the other people working there. The rest is self-explanatory.

  10. Coaching - As seen in point #8, there is just too much information out there for you to get it all, especially not if you still have to produce something during the day! That is why coaches, in every possible field, are more critical now than ever. Knowing what others don’t, and being able to teach will always generate you money no matter what happens in the future!

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