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What are your success habits?

success habits

Adopt these habits if you are really looking forward for motivated, calm, stable and peaceful life. They are not just theories but I have applied them in my life and earned best results in short period of time so try if you are willing to change your life! Make habit of:

Warrior’s Attitude: There would be do or die situations but a fighter do not have to think about anything negative but achieving the goal. There would be negative situations but Warrior has to self motivate himself without being getting targeted by the negative situations around.

Workout: You would have to take care of your body. This should be everyone’s topmost priority because if health would not be with you then person would not be capable to achieve things that he/she wants to achieve. Good body Posture also makes you more confident. If you read about the Corporate Leaders, almost every leader workout and remains in good shape.

Reading: Person should always be eager to know new things. I have a habit to read newspaper daily and I am following it from last 15 Years. Once you will have a habit of reading you will start reading Blogs, Books, Magazines etc which are related to your interests.

Learning New Technologies: Technology is changing at a very fast pace. I started from Web Technologies and moved to Databases and scripting to Big Data and still have a long list to learn. My motto is to Keep Learning and Keep Growing.

Being Helpful: The more helpful you are to others, more helpful others will be to you. This will create strong relationship with the other people you are working with. They will always recommend you for the Senior positions within or outside the company.

Time Management: If anyone wants to be successful. It is his/her duty to plan his/her day in advance and try to utilize every minute for improving himself/herself.

Meditation: As you start climbing the Ladder, It would get difficult to manage people and there are chances that a person would encounter negativity around him/her. By spending some time with himself/herself, He/she can ignore all the bad things happening and concentrate on the good things happening. It will remove the stress and helps in staying happy.

Networking: The more Successful people you know, more powerful and successful you will be. Bigger the network, more would be the chances of achieving success. Schedule meetups with your network on regular intervals. Help them as much as you can so that once you need any help they would be ready to help you.

Being Truthful to Yourself: A person can lie to everyone but not to himself/herself. e.g. In case if a person do not have skills to complete his/her task, he/she can lie to his/her superiors and colleagues in order to get undue advantage but he/she can not fool himself/herself. Always hear the noise inside you, It will guide you and If you take action according to that then you will be successful in the long run.

Five Bonus Power Habits:

1- Never follow the crowd:

Know yourself. Understand the future. Set YOUR goals and pursue them. Don't take your dreams to the graveyard!

2- Embrace change:

Change is a part of life, and in our technology-driven world, change is accelerating. Disrupt yourself BEFORE change disrupts you.

3- Live outside your comfort zone:

Your comfort zone is your DEATH zone; everything you want is outside your comfort zone. Never stop pushing yourself!

4- Seek knowledge:

The moment you stop LEARNING, you stop growing. When we stop growing, we start dying.

5- Pick your relationships wisely:

We become like the people we spend the most time with.


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