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Top Ten Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism in simpler terms it is a chemical process through which our cells produce the energy required by our various organs for their efficient function which keeps us alive. The more energy our body will spend at such process less likely we will be to store fat. So the question arises what we can do to improve our metabolism? Well here are top ten ways which will not only help you to increase your metabolism but will also turn your body into the fat burning machine if followed in the right way. 

1. Weight Lifting.

Lifting weights destroys muscle tissue, which "costs" calories when your body recovers and rebuilds within hours. Even better, when you hit the iron, powerful anabolic hormones are created in your body that stimulates fat production and burning.

2. Try to gain muscles.

Even when we are resting, our body is continuously burning calories. In fact, 75% of the calories you burn every day are used to keep you alive. The metabolic rate at rest is much higher in people with more muscle, as every kilo of muscle uses about 6 calories a day to maintain itself. If you can pack and maintain just five pounds of muscle, you burn the calorie value of three pounds of fat over the course of a year.

3. Increase your protein intake.

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, no matter what you do. Visiting the gym will help you develop your muscles, but by eating protein you will avoid their breakdown and metabolism. The protein requirement varies among individuals, but in general, consuming 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day should be sufficient to speed up weight loss. For a 130-pound person, that would be between 46 and 58 grams of protein. Research has shown that the body degrades and degrades proteins more than other nutrients, which can increase the caloric intake after meals by 35%. Try to incorporate protein into every meal and snack throughout the day. Super proteins are also an important part of the Super Metabolism diet to build muscle and burn energy.

4. Walk frequently and choose stairs over lift. 

Ideally, we sleep about eight hours a day. Most people spend seven or ten hours more at the desk. This means that most of us spend the overwhelming majority of our sedentary time. Our bodies were not designed for this level of inactivity: most of the evolutionary history of the people involved was active, looking for food and fuel. Increase your activity level and try to stand near your desk, stretch and, if possible, choose stairs over elevators or escalators.

5. Plan your cheat meals.

Athletes and bodybuilders place "cheat foods" strategically in their diet, helping to prevent a metabolic slowdown. You can eat a meal that contains as many carbohydrates and calories as you like every five or seven days. Make sure you have not got used to the habit of cheat meals. In fact, you can eat clean every day and satisfy your calorie needs, instead of constantly depriving yourself.

6. Eat enough rather than starving yourself.

If you want to weigh less, you have to eat less, right? Well, if you consume very few calories, you can lose muscle mass to your body, which will slow down your metabolism. In addition, when you save on calories, your body reduces the rate at which it burns calories to preserve the fuel it has. Low fuel consumption is just as risky as excess fuel. In an attempt to lose weight quickly and noticeably, many people mistakenly believe that eating as few calories as possible is the best solution. Not only can this cause many deficiency symptoms because the body generally consumes less food, but may even have the opposite effect on weight loss. "Instead of reducing calories like crazy, use the simple diet and exercises below to help you lose weight fast and safely without ruining your metabolism.

7. Increase your fiber consumption.

Research shows that some fibers can accelerate your fat burning by up to 30%. Studies show that women who consume more fiber in food have the lowest weight over time. Suggest about 25g per day, the amount in about three servings of fruits and vegetables per person.

8. Sleep well.

It is not recommended to eat snacks late at night, it has a direct effect on the rate of metabolism. Many researchers conclude that sleeping seven to eight hours a night for adults helps to keep the metabolic rate at a healthy and steady pace.

If you suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, do not be surprised if you win a few pounds without eating extra food. Lack of sleep can cause several metabolic problems. You can burn fewer calories, control your appetite, and increase the amount of cortisol that stores fat. The lack of sleep - seven to nine hours recommended for most adults at night - also causes impaired glucose tolerance, such as your body's ability to use sugar as fuel. We have too little sleep all these nights, but when it is normal, it is better to prolong the night of sleep than to exercise if your goal is fat loss or weight maintenance.

9. Avoid stress.

Stress has the ability to actually slow down the food metabolizing process. To top it off, the foods we need, when we're stressed, tend to be fat and full of sugar. Researchers say the combination of cravings and joint stress can slow down the metabolism and lead to significant weight gain. So that your metabolism works well, fight stress with laughter. Research shows that smiling and laughing lowers stress hormone levels.

10. Add beans to your diet.

Not only are they an excellent source of animal protein, but they are also rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. The process of digesting fiber and protein in the beans burns extra calories and both types of fiber help to reduce insulin levels after digestion and reduce the amount of fat stored in the body.

So that was the list of top ten tips which has personally benefitted me and it will help you guys too. Follow it and please share your experience below in the comment section. If there is something you would like to add to this list then please share it with us. We would love to hear that. Meanwhile,

Stay Healthy Stay Strong


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