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Top 5 tips for a healthy diet habit.

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

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A healthy diet is actually like a body makeover. You are going to adopt a new lifestyle to become a more active, immune, and happy person. Healthy eating is not about strict dietary limitations, staying unreasonably thin, or denying yourself of the food you love. Instead, it's about feeling great, having more vitality, enhancing your standpoint, and balancing out your state of mind.

Here are a few essential tips that will improve things significantly to your health.

Step 1:

Take into consideration your medical history, environment, and personal choices to make a list of foods you must and mustn't consume. The items may include grains, fruits, vegetables, oils, herbs, dairy, etc., that fulfills your need for carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins, etc. Processed or frozen foods are a strict NO NO.

Step 2:

Decide the time of meals, preferably 4-6 times a day depending on your daily routine. It is imperative to eat at fixed time slots daily. Your body will be tuned to a clock and work better at digesting.

Step 3:

Decide recipes and meals that you can have during those slots keeping in mind list created in step 1. Keep the quantity minimal. Just enough to satiate your hunger. It's best to drink warm tea made up of green tea/ chamomile/ black tea with a dash of lime juice, honey, ginger, and cinnamon. If you consume lukewarm Water on an empty stomach, it helps to cleanse it and prepares for a healthy metabolism.

It is essential that you resist the initial temptations or don't be bothered by people around. If the most important person of your life doesn't support, then let me tell you for a fact that only you are the most important person of your life.

Step 4:

Consuming lots of Water and some exercise are two simple ways to have a sound body and a sound mind. Both add on to the oxygen flow, which boosts energy within the body to make it strong and healthy. Exercise should be done preferably, but it's good to consume A honey tea or a cookie so that you aren't drained.

Step 5:

A healthy diet isn't healthy if it makes you unhappy. You are still allowed to have a cheat meal now n then. If you find your meals too bland, try googling better recipes. If cooking six meals a day looks like too much work, be smart about it and go for instant foods like a bowl of fruit n honey, salad, multigrain cookies, bran flakes cereal, tea, etc. Also, change the shuffle the meals you are eating every month add more recipes to the diet. Go for seasonal food items.

Give yourself a variety and enjoy healthy and happy eating.


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