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Updated: Nov 18, 2018

They say “India runs on chai.” Well, I wouldn’t deny that. However, I would certainly like to create a new version of that, for our corporate and fitness friends. 

“Corporate world runs on black coffee”

Black Coffee

As per the research the word Coffee it landed in our English world via the Dutch “Koffie”. In Arabic Qahwah which is considered to be kind of wine if we break the word Qaha which means “to lack hunger “an appetite suppressant. In Turkish it is Kahve. Well, that was some background about coffee which gives us pretty much idea what exactly coffee is. So let’s go and bust some of the myth and derive at the conclusion if it is good or bad. 

Benefits of black coffee:

1. Coffee enhances your physical performance. Have a cup of black coffee before your workout and your performance can improve by 12-15%. Caffeine increases adrenaline levels in your blood which ultimately enhances your stamina and physical performance in the gym. 

2. A heart-healthy drink: Black coffee benefits the heart. The strong antioxidants in it aid in keeping the organ healthy and the beats regular, which in turn prevents all types of cardiovascular diseases. 

3. Prevents Diabetes: The Harvard study suggested that both regular and decaffeinated coffee contain magnesium and loads of antioxidants, like chlorogenic acid (one of the compounds that provide coffee’s flavor). These ingredients can improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and may help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to the study. 

4. Coffee protects your brain. High caffeine levels in your blood reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. It also lowers risk of dementia. 

5. Coffee helps you burn fat. Caffeine helps fat cells break down body fat and use it as fuel for training. 

6. It Powers Up Your Body's Antioxidants Black coffee is a powerhouse of antioxidants. One cup of coffee includes vitamins B2, B3, and B5, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. 

7. Anti-Cancer: Say goodbye to cancer by drinking two cups of black coffee without sugar. This drink contains anti-cancer properties that help to lower the risk of colorectal cancer, and hence a 40 percent lower risk of liver cancer. So, drink up to prevent this deadly disease. 

8. Makes You Happy: Drinking black coffee benefits the mood. One cup of this delicious beverage can effectively boost your mood. It is also the best remedy to fight depression. Coffee brightens your mood, helps fight depression and lowers the risk of suicide. 

Now let’s look at the drawbacks of coffee. 

1. Don’t drink more than one cup a day if you’re pregnant. Studies on coffee's effect on a fetus have been controversial, but one thing is sure: if you drink coffee when pregnant, caffeine will also reach the fetus, and your baby is highly sensitive to caffeine. 

2. If you have high cholesterol please choose filtered coffee. Coffee beans contain cafestol and kahweol, two ingredients that appear to raise LDL cholesterol levels. Filtering the coffee traps most of the LDL. 

3. Coffee for kids may increase bedwetting. One survey reported that caffeine consumption of 5-7-year-old kids may increase enuresis a.k.a. bedwetting. 

4. Bad coffee can be toxic. Bad quality coffee can have a lot of impurities in it, which can cause sickness, headache or a general bad feeling. This can happen if your coffee is made from beans that have been over ripped or otherwise ruined. 

5. Coffee can kill you. Yes, if you drink 80-100 cups (23 liters) in a short session. This dose is lethal and will amount in 10-13 grams of caffeine within your body. Before you reach this point, however, you'll be vomiting most of it out since 23 liters of any liquid is a lot. 

6. Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness. Again, it's the caffeine working here. Your recommended maximum amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams, roughly the amount that you’ll get from 4 cups of coffee. If you’re caffeine-sensitive, be careful with coffee. 

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