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Things That Can Make You Less Attractive

Updated: Mar 28

Even though you are gorgeous and beautiful, have you wondered why sometimes people do not find you attractive or don’t show interest to keep up friendship or relationship with you? It can happen to anyone. Most times, we don’t realize what could be the reason. Sometimes friends or family members might say what could be the reason; sometimes, we need to look into ourselves to understand what needs to be changed or need to be done.

Less Attractive

10 Things That Can Make You Less Attractive

1. Making everything into a competition.

There is no doubt that some competition is good…in the right environment and at the right time. Constantly comparing ourselves to other people, however, is unnecessary. Pressuring others to compete with us is uncalled for and downright rude.

Why is this not attractive? Because nobody wants to be around someone that is continuously seeking recognition. Success and failure mean different things to different people.

2. Acting rude towards others.

This is a no-brainer: people don’t find rude people attractive. Being polite and cordial is a necessity for any productive relationship. Rude people, for some reason, don’t see an issue with continually scrutinizing others – and therefore aren’t attractive to many.

Furthermore, it’s not challenging to be moderately respectful to others. As such, there is no excuse to act rude regularly. No surprise that most people find such behavior far short of attractive.

3. Having an attitude of superiority.

Ever known someone that thinks, for no particular reason, that they are better than everyone else? If so, what did you think about them? Most likely, you didn’t have a favorable opinion.

Someone that looks down on others is not attractive in the worst way. Who wants to be acquainted with such people?

4. Incessantly complaining.

Here’s an experiment: loudly complain about something in public and watch the expressions of people around you. Yes – that is real disdain on their face.

Not only is obnoxious complaining repulsively not attractive, but it’s also completely pointless.

5. Constantly interrupting others.

Interrupting someone is disrespectful and abrasive. As far as behaviors go, interrupting someone is one of the most surefire ways to kill any chances of a relationship. Why would anyone be attracted to a person that is always inserting themselves into a dialogue or a situation without an invitation?

6. Not listening when someone is talking.

Communication is one of the essential elements of any relationship. We expect to be listened to, and others expect us to reciprocate. It’s simply unacceptable (and unattractive) not to hear when someone else is attempting to speak.

Here’s another experiment: when someone is talking – in a meeting, at a table, etc. – look around at what other people are doing. Odds are there will be at least one or two that are shuffling in their chairs, looking at their phones, or chit-chatting with someone else. Rude!

7. Making conflict for no reason.

Pretty self-evident here – nobody wants to be around someone who is always stirring up trouble. So, why do some people insist on doing just that? The answer: attention.

Instead of attention, that person is more likely to invoke feelings of disdain. In fact, instead of garnering attention, the rational folks will probably ignore that individual in the room.

8. Poor hygiene.

You’d think this one wouldn’t be an issue, but it is. Take a shower, wash your hair, brush your teeth, and put on clean clothes. When you don’t, it’s just gross.


These people who don’t care about anything maybe just faking thinking it looks cool, but for me, it’s one of the most unattractive things possible. People who care about something, are excited and motivated with goals and drive are fun to be around and engaging.

10.Excess negativity.

We all need to complain sometimes, but in excess, consistently negative people make me want to be far away from them.


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