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8 Things that are a waste of time

Things that are complete waste of time

While most of us understand the value of time and know that we need to make the most of it, unfortunately we lose most of our time. And we are not only constantly wasting time, we do not even realize we're losing it.

Fortunately, we can start prioritizing the tasks in which we spend our time to make sure that we are wasting as little as possible. Well, this is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the main activities where we end up wasting time without even realizing it. Here I have summarized the list of 8 things that are complete waste of time.

We all seek success in life, but sometimes we waste time doing things that prevent us from reaching our full potential. And often we do not recognize these things until they are made aware of them.

It is important to analyze how we spend our days by the hour and regularly look for ways to work smarter and avoid wasting time. So here, eight things that productive and successful people never waste their time on.

1. Trying to win every conversation you make with people.

Never make up your mind prior to having a conversation. Begin with the end in the mind. While it is good to debate over certain things. However if you try to win every conversation you make with people, you will be perceived as a person “who is always right”. Normally at work people avoid having conversation with such kind of people because, they know there is no point having a conversation with this person as he/she thinks of themselves as “always right”. Sometimes it is good to agree to disagree.

2. Doing something just because it makes others happy while you’re unhappy.

Or I should say, doing something to please others. While it is good to help others but it should not be done at the cost of your happiness. If doing something for someone makes you happy by all means go ahead and do it. However never do this if it is ruining your happiness. A good deed should lead you to mental peace if it doesn’t then you got to think twice.

3. Worrying about what people will say.

Worrying about what people will say.

It is becoming more of a disease now a days. Make yourself as priority do things you like, do things which makes you happy and do things which brings you mental peace. Never get influence thinking what others will think. Many people they take decision based on this I have never seen one being successful. So never waste time thinking what others will say if you do something because other people they don’t know what you are going through.

4. Watching TV.

Watching tv mindlessly for long hours

While we all enjoy watching a show, or movie from time to time in order to relax, wasting hours watching television and making yourself comfortable on that couch is a complete waste of time. A day gone without learning is a day you have wasted.

5. Sitting on social media for long hours and scrolling through others profile.

Sitting on social media for long hours and scrolling through others profile.

Scrolling through Instagram feeds for some information could be beneficial however, if you are a person obsessed comparing that those number of hits and likes your friends are getting then it is a complete waste of time. There is no point stalking over someone’s profile just to see what is going on their life is more kind of reflection that you are not happy with your life. Be more productive by reading or learning something new. Practice gratitude and be happy with what you have in your life.

6. Fighting, complaining or arguing.

Fighting, arguing and complaining

While small fight, cute complaints and arguing about your birthday present could be nice and may bring happiness in your life however, fights which brings ego, complaints which makes other one sad and hurt and arguing about things which spoils relationship should be avoided. Two-way communication is important to resolve some conflict. While having a conversation maintain calmness and let other side finish not to forget to begin with the end in mind. Never anticipate and assume things if other side is sharing some concern with you. Try to get it resolved ASAP as stretching over this is a complete waste of time.

7. Lack of priorities.

Set your plan and priorities prior to acting upon something. Understand the difference between urgent and important and finish important stuffs before it could become urgent. A lack of priorities can make you waste time which could be a major portion of your life.

8. Expecting respect from negative people.

Never hang-out with negative people and never expect respect from such people. These are the energy vampires which could make you emotionally un-stable and think very low of you. Maintain distance from people who makes you feel low. If after having a conversation with someone you feel exhausted then that’s the sign that person could be and energy vampire for you. Be careful while sharing problems with them because most of them will be glad that you have that problem. Practice meditation or hit a gym session and stay positive.

Drop your comments below and let us know what you think of this. Share any points if we have missed. Stay healthy Stay fit and stay happy.


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