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The power of habit.

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

The power of habit

Habit: A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.

“Champions don’t do extraordinary things. They do ordinary things, but they do them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned,” says Charles Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit.

We are the sum of our habits. The habits in our life define us.

Success in life is all about destroying your bad habits and adding good habits.

Here are eight ways to build a habit:

Daily discipline - When I focused on losing weight and getting into great shape, I developed a daily regimen of going to Orange Theory every single day (it’s a High-Intensity Interval Training class). Instead of spending my mental energy thinking about whether or not I would go, I booked out each level for two weeks straight. And then I showed up daily. Within two months I lost 14 pounds. After getting through a brutal hour-long workout, I began to ask myself, “If I can do this, what else can I accomplish?” Working out daily became a right keystone habit. Reduce your use of mental energy and implement a daily discipline. It’ll help you build a fantastic habit that could change your life.

Enjoy the process - Usually, you’re not going to get to your goal right away. Learn to be patient and enjoy the process. For example, when I was in sales, I didn’t love the cold calling and outbound emails I had to send to generate business. But then, one day, I realized that it’s all part of the process of getting better in sales. And so I embraced it more and began to make it part of my routine. Was I always successful in it every day? Not! Did it eventually to a deal that would be worth over $800,000? Yes! And it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t enjoy the process and built this habit.

Post-It notes - I’ll write down my goal on a few of these and stick them on my wall (the one my office desk faces) or mirror so that I’m continuously reminded of a daily habit I should be doing. If I ever feel unsure about whether or not I’m on track, I look at the post-it notes. Simple.

Start with little habits - Does the idea of going to the gym for two hours a day sounds a bit overwhelming? For most people, probably. In these cases, consider starting with little habits that are much easier to implement to get your momentum going. For example, you could do ten jumping jacks between every business meeting during the day. Before you know it, you’ll have knocked out 100 of them! And then over time, as you begin to get more fit, you’ll take on larger exercise goals. Tiny habits can eventually lead to big ones.

Let it be known - Announce it on Facebook. Email 3 of your closest friends. Shout it out from the rooftops! Let people know what your goals are for your new habits so that they can hold you accountable.

Keep the train going - When it feels like you no longer have any time (or energy) left in the day to do the work, don’t just give up. Instead, do something, even if it’s only the smallest of actions, that keeps you moving forward towards your goal. Don’t let the train stop. Keep on going.

Get back on track - Well…sometimes…that train will stop. You’ll slip up and miss your daily habit now and then. We’re human after all. The key is to get back into the practice as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t slip away from you. Try not to let yourself miss your daily habit more than once.

Work on your most important habit in the morning - For many people, you’ll have the most energy and focus in the morning. Jeff Bezos has his “High IQ meetings” at 10 AM for example so that he can spend his energy on “mentally challenging” situations then.

Drop your comments below and let us know what you think of this. Share any points if we have missed. Stay healthy Stay fit and Stay motivated.


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