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The Best Men's Fragrances Of All Time

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Men's Fragrances

First impressions are made of chemical fusions, body language, attitude & gut feeling, but adding a splash of the right kind of preferred fragrance will make them last & will impress the ladies further on. A sexy seductive fragrance will go a long way!

You've probably met a lot of people in your life whose scents have stayed the same for so long that they've somehow become part of their very essence. Your boyfriend-turned-husband who smelled of whichever Ralph Lauren cologne was current and fresh. Signature scents are more than pretty; they're your calling card to everyone you meet and comfort for everyone you love. Finding yours is not that difficult. It's out there, and I'm going to break down the basics of perfume to help you to get the one for you.

Before you head to the counter, here's a little guide (and some terminology) that will help as you're choosing perfume and keep you focused on what you want amidst ever-spritzing aromas!

1) Perfume Tech - Pure, natural extracts, and oils from flowers and other vegetable materials. Very expensive for a small amount. Example: pure rose oil. Eau De Cologne – 5% percent oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. It's light and refreshing. Eau De Toilette – Same blend but mixed with juice and not water. Eau De Parfum – A higher percentage of oil like 15-18%. It's more expensive than the other two. Perfume – 20-30% of the oil mixed with alcohol. It's the most costly of all. Just learn which scent family you enjoy the most!

2) Keep a few different perfumes from different fragrance families - It's kind of lovely to switch up your signature scent according to the season, occasion, or mood that day! Floral and Sweet for daytime, and perhaps an Oriental/Spicy scent for date night. In colder weather, stronger scents can be worn without overwhelming everyone around you. Conversely, lighter scents are better in warmer weather. Think of how summer smells like fresh-cut grass and scoops of vanilla ice cream. December smells like evergreens and gingerbread, or you want some nautical feel in your office. You can evoke those same beautiful emotions and memories with your aroma.

As you said, men, so let's just cut the flowery perfumes; let's not consider that.

Citrus/Fruity/Fresh - Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and other citrus fruits. Apricot, apple, peach, etc. Clean, light, and refreshing, like Dior Addict 2.

Oriental/Spicy - Warm vanilla, spices, and incense resins. Reminiscent of the Far East. Also ambery and musky. Mysterious.

Woody/Chypre- Scents like bergamot, oakmoss, labdanum, and patchouli. Fresh and very earthy smelling.

Aldehydic perfumes contain chemicals belonging to the aldehyde group — character: pure and fresh, like Chanel N°5.

Aromatic perfumes are made of various herbs, e.g., rosemary, basil, or thyme — character: outdoorsy and fresh, like Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca.

3) Because our body chemistry is unique to us - The same perfume will smell slightly different (or completely different) depending on who is wearing it. Further, it will feel different in the bottle or sprayed on a card than it will on your skin. Spray it on a ticket first. After five or ten minutes, smell it again because perfume evolves. The base for most will be the same. It's quite common that a fragrance will feel different once you spray and turns to an unusual smell some 5-10 minutes later. See if it still speaks to you.

4) Take your skin type into account- Is your skin dry or oily, or in-between? If you're more parched, the scent will dissipate more quickly. And so a highly concentrated perfume will have more staying-power for you than an Eau de Toilette.

5) Sense of smell - Our sense of smell is keener as the day wears on and also in warmer weather. Check later in the day so you can genuinely and best fragrance the different perfumes.

After these entire checklists, try one that appeals to you. Close your eyes for a minute and try feeling it. See if it raises your senses, makes you comfortable, you feel great and confidant. So when you have one, that's the one for you :)

It's odd how times change and fragrances that were once considered boutique have now been relegated to shelves at the drug store. Halston, Aramis, Drakkar Noir come to mind. When I was growing up, these were very popular.

I still love the scents of:

  1. Obsession for Men

  2. Eternity for Men

  3. CK OneEgoiste by Chanel

  4. Coolwater by Davidoff

  5. Fahrenheit by Dior

Current favs and still in use (I do always have some bottles of the above but no longer wear them for fear of being called a drugstore cowboy ;)

  1. Happy by Clinique

  2. Bleu by Chanel

  3. Spice Bomb by Viktor & Rolfe

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