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7 Reasons why women should lift weights.

7 Reasons why women should lift weights

Maybe you have thought about lifting weights. Maybe you have even tried dumbbells or raised a barbell. However, every time you hit the iron, you feel unsafe, insecure and a little anxious.

No doubt You have heard horror stories: lifting heavy weights makes women bulky, dangerous, injurious to the joints, and once you've got muscles, you cannot stop lifting them, otherwise you will become fat. It's all myth and it feeds into stereotypes that prevent many women from taking advantage of the profound benefits of resistance training.

It is time to relieve this fear and uncertainty. The fact is, lifting weights does not do any of these awful things. It helps you to live in a healthier and stronger body. Yoga and treadmill may have their place, but they are not enough. Here are seven reasons why you should prioritize strength training in your training plan!

1. Weightlifting speeds up fat loss.

After intensive strength training you consume even more oxygen within hours and days. This is known as excessive post-workout oxygen consumption or EPOC. As your body consumes more oxygen, it requires more calories and a higher metabolic rate.

Although Cardio burns more calories during your 30-minute sweat session however, weight training or weight lifting generally burns more over all. Everything goes back to building muscle. The body needs more energy (calories) to maintain the muscle cells than the fat cells. As you lift weights to increase your muscle mass, you increase your metabolism and make your body a more efficient fat burning machine.

Researchers found that overweight women, on average, who took heavyweights twice a week over a reasonable period of time, lost an average of 14.6 pounds of fat and gained 1.4 pounds of muscle.

If you follow an intensive strength training such as the muscle building program, you maintain a high metabolism and burn fat for several hours.

Did you know that regular cardiovascular exercise stops you from burning fat soon after exercise?

2. Improves bone health.

As you get older, you risk losing bone and muscle mass. Postmenopausal women have an increased risk of osteoporosis because the body no longer excretes estrogen. Resistance training is a great way to fight bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The sooner weight-lifting starts, the more likely you are to get the bone health later in life.

In the same way that muscles become stronger and bigger with use, so does the bones when they are made to carry weights. Stronger bones and increased muscle mass also increase flexibility and balance, which is especially important for women as they get older.

3. Relieves stress and helps against depression.

You probably know that cardiovascular exercises, such as yoga, can relieve depression. Well, lifting weights has exactly the same effect. Endorphins released during aerobic activities are also present in resistance training.

Many women find that regular bodybuilding when combined with psychological treatment can, significantly reduce the symptoms of depression. if the situation is not good.

Exercise is generally a great way to deal with stress. Researchers have consistently found that those who exercise regularly tend to be better at dealing with stress and have fewer side effects in stressful situations than those who are not exercising.

In addition, resistance training studies in older adults show that moderate bodybuilding improves memory and cognitive function.

4. Heart health

Iron pumps can reduce the risk of heart disease and are approved as a healthy form of exercise for people at risk, by the American Heart Association. In a study It was found that people who lift weights are less likely to have risk factors for heart disease, waist circumference, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure and high glucose levels.

Another study by researchers found that although patients' heart rate increased during intense exercise, blood pressure and resting heart rate were significantly lower the next morning.

5. It makes you stronger and more confident.

Research shows, you can get 50% stronger in just 6 months through regular strength training. Being strong also feels good. This not only improves your physical activity but also improves your emotional strength by increasing your self-esteem and confidence.

Bodybuilding really improves your mental well-being and increases your sense of vitality in daily life. It is not uncommon to feel completely annihilated and lifeless after hours on the treadmill. On the other hand, the weight lifting actually increases the "feel good" chemicals in the brain. Studies show that exercise protocols for heavy weight significantly increase the plasma concentration of beta-endorphin, which in turn positively affects mood.

6. Gives you these curves and muscles.

As you develop your muscles, your body begins to take on a beautiful hourglass shape. Although endurance exercises can help you lose weight, this weight consists of fat and muscle tissue. If you lose fat and muscle, you can lose those beautiful curves as well. Weight training can help to create and maintain it.

As strength and muscle mass increase, calories are used more efficiently. Daily muscle contractions, ranging from a simple squirm to a strong squat, contribute to the amount of calories you burn on a given day.

The more muscle contractions you experience in a day, the more calories you burn. If you have more muscle mass, you will have more muscle contractions and burn more calories.

7. Prevents diabetes.

Lifting weights improves the way the body treats sugar, preventing diabetes. And if you're already diabetic, research shows that prolonged strength training improves blood glucose control if combined with diabetes medications. In fact, the combination of strength training and aerobic exercise can be even more beneficial than medication.

So these are 7 main reasons why women should stop worrying about the weight and take a break from the cardio room. We all want to feel strong, determined and confident in everything we do: wear jeans, move heavy furniture, play with children or see a stressful career.

Resistance training can be beneficial in all areas of your life. Include it in your exercise program and it will make you feel stronger, healthier and safer!

Stay healthy Stay Strong.


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