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Do you watch out what you eat? Read this and decide.

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Before we start further I just would like to ask one question. How many of you watch out for what you’re putting inside your mouth? I am asking this question because our physical appearance is directly proportional to what we eat.

Ever got dazzled why these film star they look so young. Well, no doubt make-up does play a big role in that. However, we cannot make our grandpa look like a 30-year-old guy no matter how much makeup we put on him. It is not only about the looks. it is rather about how fit you are because in today’s era rule of the jungle applies to our modern society also “Survival of fittest “.

Yes! You have to be fit as much as possible to survive your work pressure, family challenges and to support a sound financial decision-making process. You see everything is interconnected and we cannot deny that.

I did some research and came to a horrifying fact. Here is the list of top ten disease which has covered a significant death percentage. (Source: 

These data and numbers are about India.

Now, let’s try to understand these numbers and discuss the several diseases it could lead to.

Heart Disease

With a significant increase in high blood pressure i.e. 34.6% and dietary risks i.e. 30.7%, we have reached to a stage where heart disease amounts to 24.8% deaths in the country with major causes being Use of tobacco Diet, physical inactivity, and obesity High cholesterol and high blood pressure.

 Respiratory disease

While we have shown improvement in terms of Air Pollution but looks like Air pollution along with an unhealthy diet has given us all together a different problem. India accounts for a total of 47 % of global death. Increase in tobacco usage has also contributed towards this.  We have dust, chemical pollution, and grain dust etc. contributing towards this horrible disease.


With a growth in high blood pressure i.e. 34.6% and dietary risk and increase in high fasting plasma glucose has given birth to a horrible disease which our loved ones are suffering. Not only that if we look that the numbers of Alcohol and drug use and also high cholesterol in the above table you’ll be surprised no wonder we have this heinous disease in our society. Let me tell you there is only medicine for this “healthy diet”.


It’s another heinous disease which is also a result of high alcohol dosage or drinking, Tobacco usages unhealthy diet, not maintaining a healthy weight and no physical activity. Stroke is nothing but blockage of an artery in the brain by a clot. The part of the brain where blood is clotted is then deprived of blood and oxygen which causes a stroke. Unfortunately, it is the 4rth biggest killer in the country.


Being obese could result in severe other diseases. The major reason for this is eating processed foods and moving very little i.e. no physical activity. Eating too many sugary foods could also result in being obese.

A BMI of 30 and above is considered obese.


In simple terms, cancer is nothing but the development of an abnormal cell that divides uncontrollably and has the capacity to destroy normal body tissue. A major cause of this heinous disease is “Gene Mutation” Now the question is what causes gene mutations? Most gene mutation occurs after we are born and those are not inherited. There many things which can cause gene mutation such as obesity, hormones, lack of exercise, cancer-causing chemicals like carcinogens and chronic inflammation etc.  We can see how one disease could lead to one another.

Digestive disease

Majority of the family in the country is suffering from constipation, bloating, Weight gain/loss, heartburn, and pain in the belly. These are all digestive diseases. It could happen due to many reasons like High-fat diets, unhealthy food diet, and stress etc.

These are some common disease and now we’ll be able to relate these diseases with the numbers and data provided above. Now you must be wondering how we fight these diseases. In order to fight these diseases, you just have to ask yourself two simple question and you’ll have your answer.

How did it happen?

Answer- Because of wrong diet/food.

How should we fix this?

Answer- With the help of the right diet/food.

Yes, guys, your food should be your medicine and your kitchen should be your lab where you prepare these.

In our next blog, we will see in detail how to fight each one these disease with the help of food. We’ll cover causes and diets to be followed to fight these diseases.

Meanwhile Oye Gabru! Stay healthy Stay Strong …


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