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Mindful eating – become aware of what you eat

A lot of people have misunderstood the concept of mindful eating.

They think that mindful eating is about eating slowly or chewing your food for a long time.

Well, that's not what mindful eating is.

The concept of mindful eating says:

"Allowing yourself to become more aware of the opportunities that are available through the food you're having."

Mindful eating is all about being aware of :

  • What you're eating

  • When you're eating

  • How/Where you're eating

  • How much you're eating

Mindful eating

What you are eating is important because that determines your physical and mental health. So it's good to focus on whether the thing that you're putting in the mouth is just for taste/pleasure or is it also good for the body.

Eating when we're hungry is pleasant. Eating just before going to bed will result in free radicals causing inflammation.

How you're eating is essential because it determines many Health effects. I'd rather say where you are eating and how you're eating are closely related. Always stay away from distractions and taste the food and enjoy every bite of food. It's a beautiful gift that we need to cherish properly.

How much we're eating is again all about being self-conscious of the quantity of food. Eating a full-blown packet of chips, cookies, popcorn, or soda is far more comfortable than eating the same amount of Broccoli or other veggies. So being mindful in this helps us not to barge in, binge in but consciously figure out to see is my hunger pangs satisfied or am I just popping in the food.

How This Applies to Eat

Mindful eating means that you are deciding to think about your consumption and that you're choosing to examine your diet, the way it affects you, and even just how your food flavors.

If you are eating entirely out of the decision, then you are damaging your health directly through your diet and indirectly through your psychology.

So it's time to change the way you think about your food – by actually thinking about it. Here are some great tips to get you started

Many of us have ignored what food is: it's not just fuel but rather nourishment, the raising blocks of our body. It's also a social experience, a chance to unwrap and indulge and psychologically, very important to our well-being.

What are some unique tips you have for mindful eating?

Modify something in your eating environment: Changing perspectives of your eating conditions will serve as a note to eat slowly. Every time you remember the reasons why you have a cloth napkin rather than a paper one, it will remind you to eat slowly.

Introduce a timer to beep every one to three minutes: The alarm will remind you to put down your utensils and wait 10 to 30 seconds before picking them up again.

Give attention to your body and body need: When you eat, be mindful of how you feel when you’re beginning to feel full and be conscious of that feeling when eating so you know when to stop, even if there is still food left. Distractions are significant obstacles when tackling mindful eating because it is straightforward to get distracted while eating, especially when eating alone. Eating with distractions can significantly diminish your satisfaction after you finish your food.

Eat-in a relaxed atmosphere: The lower your stress, the more natural it is to pay attention to the food you’re eating. Every person is different, but what works for most people is eating in a quiet and calm environment.

Focus intently on your food: Truly appreciate and relish in the food you’re eating. Be mindful of the textures and flavors of the food you’re eating.


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