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List of Scientifically Proven Fat Burning Foods | Weight Loss Part V

List of fat burning foods

List of Scientifically Proven Fat Burning Foods | Weight Loss Part V

In order to provide you with complete information about weight loss. In today’s article, we are going to cover 10 foods which are scientifically proven to improve your metabolism and hence could help your body to burn more fat. 

In other words, we can say foods which could burn fat and help you with weight loss. So without further delay let’s get to the point. 

1. Rolled Oats 

In the top ten list of scientifically proven food rolled oats is at number 1 because of its high fiber rich nutritional value and ability to reduce LDL which is a bad cholesterol and with tons of other benefits. Oats being high in fiber can also help you to manage your appetite because it can keep you full for longer so you be less likely to eat in excess. Don’t eat those flavored oats which are loaded with artificial flavors and come back and say “Hey listen people from Oye Gabruu’s team I have been eating oats and I did not lose any weight” because you will not. You need to look for the brand of oats which has only rolled oats listed as ingredients in the ingredient list nothing should be there except rolled oats. 

2. Eggs

Eggs being the great source of protein which is not only inexpensive but also easy to cook is at number two on the list. Well, eggs need no introduction. They are full of protein and many other sources of nutrients and amino which is required by our body. Many research studies have shown just by consuming eggs people have noticed the reduction in body fat. However, beware of eggs which come from non-organic farms. Go organic go healthy. 

3. Grilled Chicken Breast

Chicken breast one of the best lean sources of protein with the negligible amount of carbs in it could be one of the best choices if you are a non-vegetarian aiming for weight loss. Due to its great amino presence chicken breast has the ability to help you to build muscle improve strength moreover could keep you full for longer. What else do you need if you are a fitness fanatic aiming for weight loss go for it.

4. A cup of Green Tea

Green tea being rich in antioxidant and caffeine contributes a lot towards weight loss. Green tea has epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) or Catechins which together with caffeine helps our body in the breakdown of fats ultimately resulting in weight loss. Source and reference can be found here.

5. Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli is known for its low carb and high fiber nutritional value. Broccoli is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Being high in fiber broccoli has the ability to keep you full for longer and helps us to avoid overeating. Researches have shown consuming food rich in fiber results in weight loss hence makes broccoli one of the superfood when it comes to weight loss. Source and reference can be found here.

6. Whey Protein

Researches have shown just by adding protein to diet one can notice a reduction in weight. Thus many dieticians and nutritionist recommend increasing protein intake for those aiming for weight loss. A high protein diet helps our body to burn more fat and hence it is one of the best food which people can add to their diet list. Reference of research can be found here

7. Natural Peanut Butter 

Peanuts butter rich in fiber, healthy fats and protein what else do you need from your food. It has all the nutrients which you need for fat loss. It also has the ability to improve metabolism. However, beware while peanut butter from the market. Make sure it doesn’t have hydrogenated vegetable oil. 

8. Avocados

Avocados are also known as one of the heart-healthy food. It is rich in MUFAs i.e. monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber which could keep you full for longer. It also helps in maintaining HDL cholesterol level which is also known as good cholesterol. Being rich in fiber it helps in burning fat. 

9. Spinach

Super low in calorie and has tons of nutrients. Being rich in antioxidants it helps to fight free radicals which are nothing but toxins. A continuous use of spinach in your diet will not only improve great muscle tissue recovery but will also result in weight loss. 

10. ACV or Apple Cider Vinegar

Just before you are about to have a high carby meal try to sip diluted Apple cider vinegar. It will prevent your body from insulin spike. ACV is known for its insulin management ability hence making it one of the best liquid for weight loss. 

So we saw foods which are scientifically proven to help in weight loss however apart from above 

there few more which helps in weight management which is as follows: 

11. Sugar-free or Low sugar Muesli

12. Whole Wheat Bread

13. Sweet Potatoes 

14. Quinoa

15. Almonds

16. Apple

17. Bananas

18. Soybeans

19. Lettuce

20. Mushroom

21. Onions

22. Chickpeas

23. Red Beans 

24. Berries

25. Cabbage

26. Water

27. Olive Oil

28. Walnuts

29. Lemon

30. Fish.

Hope now you will have a better understanding on what to eat and buy if you are having a weight loss goal. I am trying to give you guys as much information as possible. If you have any questions or feedback please do comment below. 

Stay Healthy Stay Strong


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