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How to enjoy alcohol along with your fitness goal | Oye Gabruu

How to enjoy alcohol along with your fitness goal

When someone starts to drink, he feels relaxed, self-confident, happy, sociable. The pleasant effects of alcohol are undeniable. This makes it easy to forget the negative effects: slow reflexes, reduced coordination, distorted thoughts, lack of judgment, memory problems, motor problems and many other disadvantages.

These negative effects occur every time you drink a beer. The more you drink, the stronger these negative effects.

As the saying goes, you can not beat bad eating habits. So, if you put a lot of unhealthy food into your mouth seven days a week, you probably will not see the benefits of all your hard work in the gym.

Of course it's a matter of balance, and a strict diet is simply not feasible. For many people who want to reach their fitness goals, however, alcohol is a difficult point: it is often referred to as "empty calories" because it provides seven calories per gram and has no other nutritional value, but we live in a world where most social engagements are about alcohol.

Nobody wants to give up their social life, but it is sad to say that if you drink every day of the week, you struggle to lose weight. And of course, if you drink a few drinks, you probably want to eat more calorie-packed foods and less likely to do sports the next day.

So when you’d been planning on going to the gym and your colleagues suddenly decides a post-work trip to the pub or a bar, what would you do??

To start, do not feel guilty about skipping the exercise: One gym session does not change much, so do not panic. Relax, be sociable and have fun. It is also an essential part of your mental well being.

Let’s look at few ways how we can maintain our fitness at the same time enjoy our social life and be able to take few shots. .

Learn to socialize soberly

The view may be daunting, but it is quite possible to meet with your colleagues when everyone is drinking alcohol, and you are drinking soft drinks, and having fun.

Socialize soberly

"Going out and not drinking is a skill, but it's definitely worth trying." You will be surprised how much fun you have and how well you will feel the next day.

Prep yourself for late-night hunger munchies.

It is simply unrealistic to tell you that you will stop eating after alcohol evenings. If you are still hungry when you get home at midnight. If you have prepared a meal or a healthy snack for your return home after drinking, you are less likely to bring kebabs, cheese fries, or chicken nuggets home.

Be smart and choose your drink wisely.

Pure alcohol contains about seven calories per gram, which is almost twice as much fat as protein or carbohydrates. That's why it's important to choose your drink carefully. Here are some low-calorie options that you should consider the next time you feel happy and thirsty, followed by some high-calorie cocktails that you should avoid.

Choose your drink wisely


• 6 ounces. Mud Slide - 560 calories

• 9 oz. Mai Tai - 620 calories

• 10 oz Margarita - 550 calories

• 10 oz. Long Island Ice Tea - 543 calories

• 12 oz Pina Colada - 586 calories

You can try,

• 12 oz of light beer - 110 calories

• 6 ounces. Rum and Coca Diet - 65 calories

• 4 ounces of dry champagne - 105 calories

• 6 ounces. Vodka and mineral water - 65 calories

• 7.5 oz Gin & Diet Tonic - 115 calories

• Jack Daniels (single shot) - 55 calories

Choose your snacks cautiously

Choose your snacks cautiously

Parties are breeding grounds for unhealthy food, but if you look closely, you may find healthy, low-fat foods like raw vegetables, fresh fruit, hummus, salads, salsa, nuts, and bruschetta.

Never arrive hungry stomach

Do not leave your home hungry. Hunger prevents the judicious selection of food at a party. The solution is simple: eat something healthy, such as wholegrain bread with almond butter or a bowl of sliced ​​cereal with fresh fruit, before leaving home. A few glasses of water also help to open your appetite.

Stay hydrated-Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks

This is a classic tip for a good reason: "Drinking water between alcoholic drinks slows down the speed at which you finish your drink and saves you from losing control of yourself, it also helps with the hangover.

Keep up your training

Try to include these exercises in your routine the next day, whenever you drink alcohol.

Keep up your training

Training #1

Full body calorie burner:

Repeat 3 to 5 times - Walk, ride or bike 5:00 - Squats - 20 - Pushups - 10-20 - Sit ups - 20

Training #2

Swimming and elliptical gliding burn the most calories per hour. This workout can burn up to 1000 calories in one hour.

Swim 20-30 minutes non-stop - Elliptical Glide 20-30 minutes

Quick Tip: If you’re worried about peer pressure or your friends giving you grief for not drinking, order a sparkling water with lime and everyone will think it’s a gin and tonic.

Limit your drinks

Stay strong and stick to the pre-determined number of drinks you allowed yourself. Hopefully that number is in the single digits. Also, when going with a mixed drink, blend the booze with diet soda or fruit juice instead of regular soda.

Trying giving these tips a try and do let us know if it helped you. Stay strong and stay healthy.

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