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How serious is the Wuhan virus?

Wuhan virus

The people who died in Wuhan have raised to a hundred-plus and who infected have increased to 1330 and who seem infected have risen to 1965. Now, most of the province in China has the virus case. More and More people become scared. Because the virus has not any symptom during the age of the incubation, so until one example has been finding, it means there have more people has been infected. Wuhan has close the door. Now, control the people who come in and out. The city has a bad situation. I hope the gov can win this war quickly.

Various answers have and will say that the cause of the Wuhan virus is due to illegal trading of wild animals. It is not unlawful if no laws are preventing it, and the CCP has continued to keep a blind eye even after SARS. So, the leading cause is CCP, followed by Mainland Chinese, who only care about themselves until they need help.

Blame the bats or the cobras for hunting them, but the cobras did not choose to be sold at the wet market in Wuhan. The cobras and other live wild animals are there because the people wanted to sell them for money. They can do this because the CCP did not have laws preventing them from doing it. Therefore, it is not illegal.

The cause of the Wuhan virus is the CCP and the Mainland Chinese.

How can you avoid the Wuhan virus while traveling?

  • Experts say the new coronavirus is characterized by its ability to infect people without any symptoms.

  • According to Chinese experts, the incubation period of pneumonia in Wuhan is 4-10 days, with an average of 7 days. But the most extended incubation period can be up to 2 weeks, which is 14 days.

  • This asymptomatic transmission also makes it difficult to diagnose and control the spread of the epidemic.

  • In other words, people without symptoms may not know that they have been infected with the virus, but they can transmit the virus to other.

Spreading. There is circumstantial evidence to support that the virus is now spreading via people.

Carrier. One virus carrier in Wuhan has infected 14 medical staff.

Infection. The new coronavirus that causes pneumonia-like symptoms has so far killed six persons in Wuhan.

Drug. There is no drug to cure Wuhan pneumonia, although Chinese experts are experimenting with something.

Containment. The authorities are resolutely trying to contain the virus by identifying super spreaders.

Connection. Wuhan's top travel destinations are Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

WHO. Up to now, WHO did not see grounds to restrict even travel to or trade with mainland China.

Destinations. If there is a choice regarding travel destinations, avoid those having confirmed cases.

Spreaders. Avoid using land, sea, and air transport vehicles, or engaging people, with Wuhan connections.

Precaution. I am wearing a mask in confined vehicles or places to minimize the risk of infection.

Antiseptics. Carrying antiseptic cleansers and using them to sanitize points of contact.

Throat. Keep the throat moist eg, by drinking water so that there is no dry throat for the virus to get in.

Healing. I believe the body is designed to heal itself, and so I swim 1000 meters a day to keep it fit for me.

What precautions can you take to avoid the Wuhan coronavirus

Don't go to Wahun or be around people with the virus. The virus is a coronavirus. So it is similar to other cold viruses. Initially, it was reported it was unknown if it was transmissible from human to human. With the numbers of cases being now published, it would appear that it may be, but that is not confirmed.

It is also reported that people caring for the ill in clinics and hospitals are not getting the disease. But again, It may be too early to tell. The death rate of the illness appears to be low compared to other neuvo viruses we have seen.

only way to avoid getting any virus is not to have contact with or go to areas where infected people are.


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