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How do I start working out to get abs?

Building ripped six-pack abs is one of those body parts that is highly desired. Anyone can build muscle, but not everyone wants to put in the time and effort to make impressive ab.

Here are three tips to get ripped:

Tip #1 Diet

Diet is going to be the number one thing you have to focus on first. There is no amount of crunches you can do to get rid of the fat hiding your abs.

Start with getting into a caloric deficit of at least 250–500 calories.

To do this take your body-weight and multiply by 14 (this is your maintenance calories). From that number, subtract 250–500 calories (this is the number of calories you’ll need to lose fat).

Example: 200x14=2,800–500=2,300 calories a day

Tip #2 Replace Cardio with Barbell or Dumbbell Complexes

Traditional cardio SUCKS for fat loss & puts your health at risk.

If you ask most people what their fitness goals are, most would tell you that they would like to burn fat while building lean muscle.

When people think of fat loss, one of the first things they apply to their workouts is cardio.

While cardio has some benefits for weight loss in the beginning stages, you’ll eventually plateau and lose muscle.

Let’s get this straight…just because you lost weight does not mean you burned fat. You could have lost some of your hard-earned muscle as well.

Try adding barbell or dumbbell complexes to your regular training routine.

Here’s an example of a barbell or dumbbell complex you can do at home:

NOTE: Start with (2) 10-pound plates on the barbell or 15-20 pound dumbbells. Set the clock for 20 minutes and complete each exercise WITHOUT resting and do as many rounds as possible (goal is ten rounds) moving from one activity to the other WITHOUT rest.

Once you complete one round, rest for 30 sec and repeat.

If you can complete ALL 10 rounds within 20 minutes, increase the weight on the bar by ten more pounds using (2) 5-pound plates or five more pounds for dumbbells.

A1. Reverse Lunge

A2. Still Legged Deadlift

A3. Bent Over Rows

A4. Military Shoulder Press

A5. Thrusters

I put together a video of the exact workout above. Please see more at One Dumbbell Complex Workout To Torch Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Tip #3 The Ab Workout plus 5 Ab tips

  1. Quality over Quantity - It’s not about the number of reps you do but slow and controlled ones. Don’t be concerned with doing a lot of reps. It’s useless to do a lot of crappy reps and not feel your abs contract. Perform ab exercises with a slow and controlled movement by squeezing as hard as you can.

  2. Train On A Separate Day - If you are one of those people who train their abs after an exhausting workout, you may be missing out on developing the six-pack you want. You may want to consider putting them on their separate day when you train your forearms, calves, or even cardio. These are small muscle groups that do not require a lot of energy expenditure, and you’ll feel more “fresh” when training your abs separately.

  3. Do Them First - If you have no time to put your ab training on their separate day, try putting them at the beginning of your regular workout when you’re fresh. Performing an ab workout at the beginning of your training is like doing a warm-up before hitting the weights. Doing ab workouts will strengthen up your score for the exercise you are going to perform after. Make sure to start your ab routine with high intensity. Doing so will set the tone for the rest of your workout. For a challenging ab circuit, make sure to check out this routine=>Best Ab Exercise Circuit For Shredded Six Pack Abs.

  4. Drink A Lot Of Water - Many people don’t stop thinking how vital water is to get ripped six-pack abs. Water is essential to seeing your abs more defined as water acts as a natural diuretic. The more water you drink, the less you will retain it. This sounds counter-intuitive but, drinking a lot of water will make you piss more and, therefore, flushing out any excess water underneath the muscle. Many fitness competitors will drink 2-3 gallons a day for a week before they step on stage.

  5. Back Load Your Carbs or Low Carbs - If you’re able to handle carbs, make sure to eat them in the late afternoon between 1-2 hours after your workout. A lot of scientific research shows that eating your carbs towards the end of your day will be less likely stored as fat. There


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