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FITNESS VLOG 2 - Coney Island | Travel and Fitness | OyeGabruu

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Have you ever felt, you need a change and you need to take a break from your work? Yes, I know each one of us after a certain point we feel we need a break to calm our self to refresh our self. We all love to explore new things but we get stuck somewhere between our personal and professional life. 

At Oye Gabruu (OG) we always try to break barriers and explore new things and get the information for our readers. This week our team went for an amazing trip to “Coney Island”

Coney Island is known for a home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, some of which are critically endangered. The rustic Coney Island Park is an ecologically sustainable park with many environmental initiatives. It focuses on conserving energy and water, recycling and retaining of the natural elements in the park and hence there is no electricity or piped water on the island. 

Let me not bore you with information which you could easily get on google and Wikipedia about this amazing Island. Rather let me help you with the information which will make your trip to this beautiful Island more pleasurable. 

So here are few Do’s and Don’ts

1. First and foremost rent a bike or your legs will beg you to take them home.

2. Second most important thing don’t forget to bring lots of water as I mentioned earlier there is no piped water on the island. 

3. Make sure to use the toilet near Punggol Settlement before getting inside the Island. 

4. There is no electricity and also island closes at 7 pm try to get out before then otherwise you will get to watch the live supernatural show with nobody there to save you. Jokes apart try to get out before 7 as it will be completely dark. 

5. Try to avoid beaches as it is full of sandflies. 

6. If it rains while you are in the park immediately take shelter. 

7. Avoid visiting the park during a storm. It could be dangerous.

8. Try to wear covered shoes to protect yourself from insects. 

9. In case you encounter Long-tailed Macaques, keep a safe distance and do not feed them.

10. Pack some of the sunscreen and insect repellent if possible. 

Now don’t get scared of seeing too much of Do’s and Don’ts. Trust me trip to this island is really worth. Some popular things to do here are:

1. Cycling and burn lots of calories while enjoying the nature on the ride. 

2. Bird watching as it is a place where birds migrate from many places.

3. Lovely place for birds and nature photographers 

4. Spot the wildlife and you might get to see many endangered species

Coney Island

5. Don’t forget to click a pic near the entrance gate of this lovely island. 

6. You may hang out at the beach but please be careful of sandflies. 

7. You can enjoy horse riding. 

8. If you still have stamina left you may try to explore lovely Punggol Waterway Park. 

Rest everything we have captured and all the footages are available for your further help. This island will flood your cell phone with lovely memories if you come well prepared though lots of people have no idea what they are getting into. Hope this article will help them a little. 

If you found this article helpful, please do comment and share it with your friends. 

Now, Stay Safe Stay Healthy & Stay Strong.

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