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Gain weight : Should we monitor macros ?

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

process of gain weight

Q: How do you gain weight in a healthy way when you are underweight?

Answer: Good question! normally people when they try to gain weight they don’t watch out to see the kind of food they are putting in their mouth and that’s where they take them self in a wrong direction.

Like while losing weight we need to focus on our diet and macros similarly while gaining weight also we need to be even more careful about what we are eating so that we are keeping our body fat percentage in check. Otherwise, we may end up being fat.

In order to gain weight safely, I would suggest increasing your protein and complex carb intake along with at least a bowl of sautéed veggies to reach your daily minerals and vitamins goal.

In complex carbs, you may add: Oats, Granola, Multigrain, Bran & Ezekiel

To increase protein intake you may include: Nuts, Chia seeds, lean source of protein like Chicken breast, Fish and Egg Whites, Soya chunks, Chickpeas & Red beans

You may also include high protein smoothies which will supplement your body with enough nutrients. For healthy recipes, you can check this YouTube channel they have varieties of healthy recipes.

A combination of these will result in gaining weight safely and in a healthy way. Eat frequently at least 5 meals a day at a regular interval and don’t forget to do moderate exercise and very important drink water.

All the best. Stay healthy, Stay Strong !


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