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All About Diet | A to Z about KetoDiet

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Hello, friends, I was recently going through a discussion forum and I saw many people talking about LCD and Keto diet. First, it took me a while to understand what exactly LCD is and with God's grace, I realized what they are talking about. 

All about KetoDiet

Low Carb Diet. Yeah, I understand I am not good with these acronyms. While I realized what LCD is I also noticed there’s lot confusion among people regarding Keto. I saw a few people asking if they can eat Honey, Potato or rice and other grains. So today I am going to cover A to Z about Keto. So let’s get started 

What exactly is KETO? 

When we deprive our body of carbs (> 15-16gm/day) and we increase fat intake with a moderate quantity of protein. What happens is since, we have lowered our carbs intake- over the period carbs stored in our body which is stored as glycogen will decrease to the point where the body has no other choice but to switch over to start burning fat for fuel. In this scenario, our body is in short supply of carbs and burning fat. When we follow this for a while it induces our body into a state called as ketosis. 

Ketosis is automatic or I should say natural process which our body initiates for the survival. Some medical and fitness guru call this ketosis as a metabolic shift also. 

This whole metabolic shift from burning carbs to burning fat as a fuel processor is called as “Ketosis” and during this process, our body is running on a fuel which is called as “Ketones” created out of the breakdown of fats. These ketones are produced in the liver from fat. Then they are used as fuel throughout the body.

Benefits of a Ketogenic diet

Since now we know what is Ketosis let’s talk about some benefits of a ketogenic diet. As per a scientific research, it is said our body functions at its best when we are in ketosis. Few benefits are as follows: 

1. Keto lowers our blood sugar level resulting in Controlled Blood Sugar

2. Enhances mental focus.

3. We feel energetic and have control over hunger.

4. Helps control cholesterol and Blood pressure

5. Weight Loss

6. Acne prevention

7. Insulin resistance

And many more…

What to eat on a Ketogenic diet?

Below is the macro which one should follow while on a ketogenic diet.


Based on macros now we can arrive at what to eat

1. Meat- unprocessed organic and grass-fed meat in a limited quantity. More protein may kick you out of ketosis state.

2. Fish and seafood: Fatty fish like Salmon will be good.

3. Organic eggs

4. Natural Fat: Like butter, coconut oil, olive oil and MCT oil etc.

5. Vegetables are grown above the ground like broccoli, zucchini cabbage, and avocado etc.

6. Cheese or dairy products.

7. Nuts like macadamia which are less in carbs.

8. Beverages like black coffee with no sugar

9. Bone broth and Tea with no sugar

What not to eat on a ketogenic diet?

1. High carbs like wheat, rice, potato etc.

2. Sugar

3. Beans lentils

4. Starchy foods

5. Beer

6. Fruits high in sugar or sweet like a banana.

7. Pasta

8. Soda juice

9. Donuts


How to check if you are in Ketosis.

You can check for below symptoms to see if you have hit ketosis.

1. Bad breath

2. Reduced hunger

3. Increased energy

4. Dry Mouth

5. Increase in urination

Who should not do a ketogenic diet?

1. Person on a diabetes medication such as Insulin.

2. The person on a medication for High Blood Pressure

3. Breastfeeding Mothers.


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