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Carbohydrates Making Me Gain Weight? Truth Or Myth

Carbs Good Or Bad

Carbs Controversy

With the revolution happening in the health and fitness industry and people becoming more and more aware there are lots of confusion and controversy going on out there. Especially when it comes to carbs there are lots of myth and misconception around us. Many diets such as “Atkins Diet” they have set a motion that carbohydrates are the demon because of which you are not losing weight. This has become so common that anyone who says lower your carbs intake and soon you will have your desired chiseled Hollywood physique and audience will follow such people blindly. 

Carbohydrates are the most confused macronutrient among people these days. We at Oye Gabruu (OG) believe that every diet has its own importance and its implementation varies from people to people as different people have the different level of insulin sensitivity. We are no one to tell you this is right or this is wrong. All we are going to do, today here is that we will break down all the facts and figures so that you could do your own research and decide if this is something for you. We always encourage people to do their own research as this will lead to more awareness and less confusion. So let’s get to it. 

Good Carbs and Bad Carbs

First of all, there is nothing as such called good or bad. We have simple or complex carbs. Before I start I would like to ask you guys a few questions. 

1. What is the difference between a sandwich made from brown bread and white bread?

2. What is the difference between a plate of brown rice and white rice served with chicken?

Both the meals have carbohydrates the only difference in both the meals is that one with the brown bread and brown rice has complex carbs on the other hand white bread and white rice has simple carbohydrates. Basically, there are 3 main types of carbohydrates,

1. Sugar

2. Starches

3. Fiber

Based on their chemical properties they are further segregated into “simple” or “complex” carbohydrates.

So now the question arises what is this simple carbohydrate or complex carbohydrate. Don’t worry we will explain you every bit of it. 

Simple Carbohydrates and Complex Carbohydrates. 

Let’s first understand what simple carbohydrates are and its chemical properties. Well, simple carbohydrates are made up of short chains of carbon molecules which requires little breakdown and gets directly into our bloodstream and causes a blood sugar spike. Whereas on the other hand complex carbs are the long chain of carbon molecules and hence it takes longer for our body to break them down and this is why it takes time for them to get into our bloodstream providing us the more steady supply of energy for the longer period. Does this mean simple carbs are bad well it depends on body requirement there are circumstances where you need the quick supply of energy and that is when simple carbs come into the picture, however, quantity does matter in this particular case. If you need a steady supply of energy then complex carbs are the right kind of fuel for your body. 

Carbohydrates make you gain weight and fatty.

To decide this we first need to understand breakdown of carbohydrates. This breakdown process it starts right after we eat in our mouth. Food gets mixed with salivary enzymes and goes to our stomach and with the help of digestive enzymes it goes through a digestive process and the end result is glucose which is the simplest form. Liver does the job of distribution of glucose throughout our body and some of them get stored as reserve in the liver and any excess gets stored in and around which when not utilized in long run turns into fat. 

So does that mean carbs are making you fat? No, it means you are eating more than actually, you should eat. Of course, eating too much of anything including protein and fat will make you gain weight. As protein and fats also go through the same breakdown process. 

What actually makes you fat and gain weight is eating more calories than you burn in a day. The major issue is simple carbs won’t keep you full for long so chances are high you might end up eating more, however, a balanced diet of healthy carbs including protein and fat will keep your body toned and your body will function at its best level and this is something which everyone wants. 

Do we need carbs? 

Hell Yes! Carbs are the major source of energy. Being a researcher in fitness I did a research on my own body where is reduced carbs intake to less than 30-40gms per day and after a week I noticed a significant drop in my work out and athletic performance. Also it lead to muscle weakness, dizziness, and tiredness and I felt a great reduction in interest towards getting myself involved in any physical activity. This I am writing after doing this research for 3 weeks. 

Well it means we need certain amount of carbs as fuel to support our metabolic process so that our body could perform its basic function such as digestion, breathe, run, think etc. I am not emphasizing or promoting carbs here rather we need to understand that each macronutrient has its own importance so before deciding or starting with any sort of diet we should do a deep research and understand every basics of it. 

“I am cutting out my carbs intake”

Well, when you say this that means you are going to deprive your body of many essential nutrients because if you will look at foods such as apples, banana, broccoli, milk, whole grains, lentils, and many vegetables and fruits are carbs which come with essential nutrients and fibers. 

So are you sure if it is a good move to ditch all these nutrients rich food? It would be great if you could maintain a balanced diet with combo of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins. Definitely reducing simple carbs will be a good move depending on your body type but cutting out carbs completely it won’t be a wise move. 

If you found this article really helpful then please do comment below and share it with your loved ones and friends. Please help us in spreading awareness among people. 

Stay Healthy Stay Strong.


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