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Basics Which Fitness Experts Are Not Sharing With You | Weight Loss Part I

Struggling With Weight Loss?

Weight Loss Diet – Part 1 

India being the rich land of herbs and spices has seen a rising trend of obesity because of the growing availability of highly processed food and busy life where people end up eating packed and processed food. Due to the increase in obesity and it has given birth to many obesity-related chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. In India, the prevalence of obesity is 12.6% in women and 9.3% in men. This means that more than a 100 million people are obese in India (Source: Hindustan Times dated August 26, 2018

We live in a country where most of our eating pattern is highly influenced by our respective religions. There are days which we consider auspicious and we try to avoid eating non-veg on these whereas on some day we are open to enjoy varieties of meals including veg and non-veg. This article is about how to go about a weight loss diet. What is that you are missing from your routine? What a perfect weight loss diet looks like and things to avoid if you are on a weight loss diet. We will cover each one of these. So keep reading.

How to start or get onboard with weight loss diet.

1. Learn To Cook Healthy Meals: 

Yes! This is the first and foremost thing which you need to do. Because saying goes “Abs are made in the kitchen” So for now let’s not focus on Abs rather let’s just focus on losing some extra kilos. Look for ways how you can modify your favorite food into healthy food and we are always there to help you with this. You can check out our videos section for many of healthy and yummy dishes which you can include in your diet. 

2. Learn to work out at home or in the neighbor in the beginning. 

Yes before hitting gym it is always nice to start from your home. You can do some of the stretching some of the cardio like “Mountain climbers or push-ups” at your terrace or maybe you can go for a jogging with your favorite pet in any of the nearby parks. Since you have started cooking healthy meals and also started doing some of the basic of exercise at home, this will slowly increase your stamina. Then maybe after a month or two when you will hit Gym you will be able to utilize this stamina with help of some of the equipment like Treadmill or Elliptical. This will not only save you some extra bucks but will also ensure there are fewer chances of injury and fatigue. 

3. Never Skip Your Meals. 

I will never ask you to skip your meal or starve yourself why because nobody has been benefitted out of such an approach. This is something comes with experience. Rather I would ask you to increase the quality of your meal and limit the quantity. So let’s say you are used to having 5-6 meals a day. So do not change your eating pattern suddenly because your body is used to it and chances are high you might end up eating more and unhealthy food. So in your breakfast try to include high protein dishes such as protein smoothies or oats with some fruits. While in your lunch you may add some brown or white rice of your choice but in limited quantity along with some lentils and veggies. In between if you feel hungry grab some of the seeds like flax seeds chia seed or nuts like macadamia or peanuts you can also include an Apple. Try to eat your dinner 1-2 hours prior to your bedtime. To keep your insulin at a moderate level when you are going on the bed.

veggies for weight loss

 4. Add Healthy Fats.

One of the biggest mistakes which we do is that we restrict our diet and exclude healthy fats such as PUFAs & MUFAs i.e. polyunsaturated fatty acids and Monounsaturated fatty acids. This two are healthy fats which are essential for our body. So try to include foods like Avocados, Olive oil and peanuts etc. in your food to supplement these essential fats.

5. Staying Hydrated

This is the best gift you can give to your body. Drinking water before your meal makes you fuller and also prevents you from overeating. Try to sip water every now then to stay hydrated. It will also prevent any unhealthy food cravings.

Apart from above 5 key points one thing which is very important is being consistent and sticking with these points. Consistency and discipline is the key. So stick to it. These are 5 key points which every beginner while starting with weight loss needs to keep in mind for better and efficient results.

Since this is a big topic we will cover things to do and things to avoid and also sample meal ideas for the whole week in our upcoming article.

If you found this article helpful then please do share it with your friends and drop down your comments below if have any questions. 

Thank You! Stay Healthy Stay Strong.


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