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All Time Favorite Time Saving Hack

Favorite Time Saving

Past few years I have been trying, testing and adjusting multiple productivity enhancement techniques, read many blogs post, books and come up with some final hacks. So guys let’s get organized and have some extra time, space, efforts, money, and energy with this technique.

Automate nonproductive or routine tasks: Guys I would like to share some of the daily chores is on my hate list and let's see what the things we can automate are.

Grocery store – Use smartphone apps to buy your groceries.

Utility Bills      – Use auto payment from the banking gateway.

What to wear – I am impressed with Mark Zakerburg idea .. lol. Wear the same type of clothes every day. Joke apart we all know in real life it's not possible, I would suggest minimizing your decision making on what to wear.

Cooking         – This is something I enjoy doing it, being on a fitness journey I like to eat and cook clean food, and I try to keep my kitchen well equipped so that I can save time.

Once you automate a task that you don't like to do it on a daily basis, then the rest is beautiful!

Prepare ahead before your day starts: Getting ready in last minutes is not always the right idea, plan your day in advance. Packing your office bag, prepping breakfast and picking your dress the night before makes your morning routine much more manageable. I am sure no one wants to rush in the last minutes. Try to make your morning more stress-free as possible. If you are aware, you are hitting gym, market, office next day go ahead and prepare everything in advance. Gym pants, top, water bottle, protein shake, towel—just toss it all in, then grab and go in the morning.

Streamlining your choices: It's not a good idea to waste much time and headspace deciding what to use and figuring out where I kept my stuff last time. Streamline your choice in an arranged way to cut down on the amount of time we spend on decision making. I pared down my closet to only the clothes I often wear, minimized the gadgets in the kitchen, and I charge my handphone on time.

Develop Routines: Guys I believe in establishing routines, it helped to increase productivity, making it part of your regular routine means you save the mental energy of decision making and logistics each time. If Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday is your Gym day, once you established your daily routine you will never miss out your work out.

Limit Time on Messaging, Gaming and Social Media: Answering massages and perusing social media is a significant source of wasted time for many, try to limit your time for all these things. Many people wait for the weekend to enjoy their gaming experience, I personally think its waste of time and should be limited.

As a busy person and working for an IT firm and photographer, I’m always on the lookout for time-saving hacks and productivity tips. So I took my question, “How to be more productive?” to family, colleagues, and friends to find out what helps them do more of what they love.

Do share your time-saving hacks and productivity tips with us, It may help to our readers and my team too.

Stay Strong ... Stay Fit #Oyegabruu


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