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10 Weird Things Which People Do At The Gym

10 weird things which people do at the gym.

Have you ever walked inside the gym and noticed someone and felt like oh gosh “what the heck is he/she trying to do”. While some of these are really funny however sometimes it could be annoying as hell for some of us. So let’s get to the point and read about,

10 weird things which people do at the gym.

1. Siting on equipment’s and texting

I know many of us have come across such fitness enthusiasts. They are like “hold on bro! I am just, left with 5 more texts” C’mon this is no drawing room of your house you got to give chances to other people. 

This not only disturbs other people but also impacts performance if in case you are the one doing this, you are letting your body cool down and you’re also wasting all the efforts that you put in for warming up your body. Once your body is relaxed there is no point in doing exercises as there will be no mind-muscle connection, however, there will be a mind-mobile connection for sure. 

2. Taking off Clothes and flaunting

I know this is so gross. Even if you have a great physique you still need to respect others presence. It is completely okay if you are doing it alone but for god’s sake don’t take off your cloth while working out. It makes other people in the gym uncomfortable. 

3. Selfie obsession.

I have noticed many girls taking selfies right after joining a gym class on day 1 or 2. Muscles growth also takes at least a week or two, have some patience. In this section well it’s only girls who are obsessed with selfies boys are also no-where less than girls. I have noticed many studs looking for the moment when nobody is around. Trust me they don’t miss to take the advantage. They are really quick with these selfies. 

4. Roaming around and talking over the phone.

Seriously! I thought this is a place where people come to work out. I never knew this is a phone booth. Trust me I have come across many girls and boys roaming while talking over the phone with god knows who. Dude if this is something really important you can go outside make that call finish up and focus on your work out. How the heck you expect to see the results while all the time you are on your cell. Don’t complain at the end of the day that you are having a hard time losing weight or gaining muscles. 

5. Gazing someone

I know it is okay to appreciate some one’s beauty or physique but visible staring is not something you do at the gym. I know sometimes we become helpless see how adorable the physique is but just remember nobody got that great physique just by staring at someone. So a big no-no for this one if you are inside the gym.

6. Grunting and lifting more than what one can handle.

Have you ever come across someone who tries to lift heavy whenever a girl is passing by? Please do mention his name in the comment below. It looks funny but as a matter of fact, you are also putting yourself at a great risk of injury. Never ever do this just remember this is a gym class, not a tinder date. 

7. Usurping machines 

This is more of an etiquette issue however it does feel weird when someone hijacks your machine and dumbbell which you were using a moment ago without having a decency of asking if you are done with it. On a lighter note I by mistake have done this but most of the time I ask politely if they are done with it. 

8. Chit Chatting 

This goes for those who have gym buddies. While it is very nice to make friends or to have a partner in the gym who could support you with your exercises, you also need to understand this is no park for chit chatting or gossip party. You will unnecessarily end up prolonging your work out session with little or no results. 

9. Giving suggestions or advice while one, himself is a newbie. 

I know being helpful makes you a gentleman but giving advice without having no idea what it is could put someone at risk. However, if you are someone who is an expert, by all means, go ahead and help. But it is always recommended to let trainers and coach handle some body’s request.

10. While lifting heavy using curse words such as “I bet you know this”

I know this is very common. By all means, we respect that adrenaline rush which you got after your favorite protein shake or BCAA. However, you need to respect the people around you. This might be something which is common for you to say but it might not be common for somebody else. By paying attention to these little things we could make the job easier for many of us. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it. This was just meant for entertainment purpose. It is never our intent to hurt someone’s feeling so it is humble request to take it in a funny way and if you could learn or get some message out of it then it is even better. 

If you enjoyed reading this article then please share it with our friends and family. Please do comment below your friend's name whom you found doing any one of the above things from the list just to tease him/her. 

Friend’s Stay Healthy Stay Strong.


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